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save game 2020

  1. Linkoln_TECH

    Full GT Satsuma with suitcase save game 2020 0.1.1

    Features: • Unlocked keys for Hayosiko, Ruscko, Gifu. • Unlocked cabin, Jouko's new house. • Suitcase with 1850000 markkas. • Player money 500000 markkas. • Bought important tuning parts. • Installed all GT parts and twin carburetor. • Bought all technical fluids and supplies. • Bought sausages...
  2. Extreme Racer 879

    My Rally Car (Save game idk

    So, you have a disassembled Satsuma GT, that was supposed to be a rally car. Build it! Win the rally! Info: There are many parts for rally and stock satsuma gt in the garage (but original AMP parts aren't there.) There are also parts for passing the inspection, like GT wheels with goobers...
  3. K

    normal rally save game littel lag lol

    save game

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