1. TheCatOfAges

    Sitting since 1983 1.0

    Your father must be a sadist to entrust you with fixing this thing. the satsuma has been driven a full 579,000km and when something went wrong and it died, your Father abandoned it in the garage, and planned on scrapping it at some point. The satsuma has seen better days, with 500,000+...
  2. L

    My Summer Car Multiple Choise Save Games (Survival/Powerful Satsuma) v1.0

    ★★★MY SUMMER CAR SAVE GAME★★★ -In this save, you have got 3 choises: 1-'Survival Save' 2-'Turbo Satsuma 1 Save' 3-'Turbo Satsuma 2 Save' 1- This is a survival save game for My Summer Car. You have got 2889mk money, some food, beer and cigarette to keep surviving and playing. - You have keys...
  3. L

    My Summer Car Multiple Choise Save Games (Remastered) (Rally/Highway) 16.05.2020

    ALL ABOUT MY SAVE GAMES: -There are 2 save games. One is highway speeding setup, other is rally ready setup. -Both inspected save games. -You have got 500.000mk money on both save games. -Some jobs on the map. -Lots of food, beer and cigarettes at shop, home and repair shop. -Spawn behind...
  4. Shejdy

    Worst save ever. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1.2

    Saved at shop.Satsuma don't have front bumper (bumper is at Shop too.) Some beer is at Jokke's aparment.Satsuma have Metallic Red colour with metallic black Hayosiko wheels(with Satasiko tires),Fiberglass hood and Spoiler. Other stuff is at home,Van,Gifu,Kekmet,Ruscko are at home. At home you...
  5. pimpom13

    Probably The Best MSC Save! (25.01.2022) 3.0

    This save is made by Pedro Daquota#4067 Please DO NOT Reupload this without my permission. Upper radiator hose is loose so you will need to tighten that and then it's good to go You will need WinRAR to install this If there's anything broken, missing or that you want me to add, please...