sauber junior team by charouz

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    F3 2019 mod

    Hi all! After my failed 1992 mod (which @talisman would save it), I'm gonna try to work on F3 2019 (F1 feeder series) mod based on the GP2 2015 mod. I'm gonna try to work on the skins but should I convery any Assetto Corsa F3 skins (ART, MP, Sauber (Already made 2 cars) and HWA) for F1 2014...
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    F3 2019 Sauber Junior Team by Charouz 1.1

    To @Rob Fitness: Sorry if I converted your skin mod from Assetto Corsa to F1 2014. I won't convery any skins mods from other games to F1 2014 (Only any skin mods, not without skin mods). Only 7 (Zendeli) and 8 (Scherer) skins. 9 (Hyman) is coming soon in next update. Pics: Compatible with...