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  1. shadow118

    RSS Formula Hybrid X Evo Alfa Romeo C42 Livery 1.3

    Alfa Romeo C42 livery for RSS Formula Hybrid X Evo
  2. Chris Guardian

    The Flash 2019-01-02

    A fantasy helmet for Alfa Romeo inspired by the Justice League and especially Flash!!! I hope you like it! P.S. You can also download the previous helmets of J.L. Batman and Wonderwoman
  3. BeastOfHell

    F1 2018 Multi Team Portugal (ed84 commission) 1.01

    Commissioned by ed84 this beauty has a green, red and gold color scheme and is intended to be used with a chrome finish. Huge shoutout to Kris, as without his resource I would not have been able to do any of my helmets. Check out his video to learn how to do them yourself or just need to know...
  4. BeastOfHell

    F1 2018 Multi Team Reaper helmet 1.01

    As I said on my other 2 helmets I bring you my newest helmet, titled "Reaper". As always huge thanks to Kris for his awesome resource. If you do not know how to add helmets check out his video: So here it is: Hope you have fun with it! P.S.: I have two announcements to make: 1. I have...
  5. marpado

    F1 2018 Fuel Consumption Issue whit Sauber AR at Albert Park (100% dist)

    Hello everyone, i wanna notice this isue whit my Sauber a t Australian GP, full distance. Fuel consumption appears to be always decreasing, no matters what fuel mix or ERS deployment. At the moment i stopped my race after 22 laps because crashed in turn 12 (ops) the fuel consumption forecast...
  6. SkyFall

    SKYFALL F1 2018: SAUBER C-37 ALFA ROMEO Livery Mod 1.0

    The whole Sauber F1 Team is working hard at the factory in Hinwil in order to prepare their race cars for the 2018 Formula 1 season. Certain technical changes in the 2018 Formula 1 regulations, such as the driver protection system HALO, will impact the car’s design. Furthermore, the Alfa Romeo...
  7. Eur3ka

    Skins Sauber Alfa Romeo 2018 FULL TEAM PACKAGE

    Eur3ka submitted a new resource: Sauber Alfa Romeo 2018 - The Scuderia's new 'B' team Read more about this resource...