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  1. Dax_i5

    Dax's Savegame working on last update (no experimental) Last

    Hi , this is my 2nd savegame made by Dax_i5#2565 Savegame includes: -Satsuma GT with twin carburator , racing fly wheel and his GT parts -All Cars unlocked and close to home (Except Muscle) -Sausages and A lot of Beer.. Be a Finland Boi -Infinite Money -Posibility of buy more aftermarket...
  2. Castrated

    Satsuma GT - Tuned (not inspected) Everything Unlocked/Bought (Ideal Save!) 2019-09-23

    Satsuma GT Basic Standard Looking GT Build. Clean and Fresh. Garage fully stocked/equipped. Car drives great! 500K Marka.

    MSC savegame 2019-08-01

    Fully tuned satsuma: -Gt paint and parts installed -Almost every tuning parts buyed -Sofa and moped at Teimo -Kilju bucket at Teimo