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satsuma help

  1. EduardPWN

    Fix my Satsuma please 2019-11-28

    So i was drivinig my satsuma when i noticed white smoke coming from engine, oil was fine, but now i can't mantain the car at 1000 rpm.. acceleration is interrupted. If u fix it, please let me know what u did.. thank you guys :*
  2. S

    Satsuma Engine knocks and feels underpowered

    So i started a new Save, built my Satsuma, and the Engine Knocks and feels underpowered. Why is that and how can i fix it? I have looked through my Save File if any Engine Parts are damaged but no, they are not. The Carburetor and Valves are tuned Correctly, i checked. Please, i need help :(
  3. T

    Please help me get the engine on the motor hoist. 1.0

    So, i need help just getting the engine onto the motor hoist because im having a hard time doing it. I have the keys to the van and poop truck so you can get food if you need it and i have about 47000 marks Thanks for the help and please upload the save game back onto the msc save games on race...