san francisco

  1. Fred Basset

    San Francisco GRiD HQ-Real 1.0

    San Francisco GRiD HQ-Real Billboards **** First off ive used two textures from other sets **** 1 : pepperoni ac24's concrete blocks and his electronic arrows. Many thanks. 2 : Mascot's main sign "Ferodo" which i...
  2. MeltFire

    Improved AI for San Francisco GRiD 2019-10-13

    Updated,, ai_hints, and side boundaries for San Francisco GRiD (Beta 0.6 - by CHiQuiFReaKy) I have tighten the wall boundaries on the first chicane. It's improve, but not perfect. Faster open wheel and GT cars may still struggle on the first chicane and uphill jumps...