1. theeooxx78

    MOTOR_M_2.0 2.0

    bonjour, suite à un problème avec la première version je possède la version 2.0 avec tous les fichiers. Voici ma piste terminée Je veux avoir des commentaires à ce sujet. MERCI!
  2. snowply

    Odi Bakchis Falken Formula Drift 2018 s14.5 0

    Ooooh Doctor! I wanna everybody out there but there's one guy in particular (*frenemies theme starts playing) . Odi car of choice for formula drift 2018. S14.5 with rocketbunny kit. Livery to be used with VDC s15 worthouse car (link for car pack : https://goo.gl/5X6QMB)
  3. TheSosunser

    *NEW* Nissan S15 Hatsune Miku 2 Itashas 2.0

    Hi everyone! I've decided to share with all of you this skin I made. The car is inspired by the japanese Street Legal cars and street teams. There's not a lot of drift related stuff on RD but i'm sure that some of you you will appreciate the countless hours of effort I've put into...