1. racealot

    LEGO Audi Quattro S1 - Audi Sport Liveries 2021-11-30

    Car-Mod features: * Audi-Sport Quattro liveries The Lego-based Audi Quattro S1 was released on Race Dept earlier in November 2021. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/lego-audi-quattro-s1.46449/ The making of the liveries was inspired by driving the Quattro on Pereira's Custom...
  2. PenguinActually

    Lego - Audi Quattro S1 v1.0

    A friend of mine named Wellvos, was keen on creating some fantasy tracks for Assetto Corsa, and he started creating a table top track like what I'm sure we all did as kids, and may still do now. We were thinking of the cars that you could run tracks like that and we thought that Lego would look...
  3. nopitch1

    Lotus Exos 125 (& S1) - Alpine #88 1.0

    Lotus Exos 125 (& S1) - Alpine #88 I drove this car in the VRC Formula 2 season 3 Made with love by french simracing team "Nova Racing Team" Join US: https://discord.gg/gYQFSmQQDZ Some pictures: Highlights of the Season:
  4. A

    Bug with dashboard

    Hey... I've got a weird bug with some cars and I have no idea what's causing it. I bought the game a while back and when I tested these cars they were totally fine, but now... not so much. as you can see the digital screens in the dash go through the hands. These 2 are both Kunos cars...
  5. Thunderstrucker

    Capitu Nubank Racing Lotus Exos 125 S1 #54 1.0

    Hello again, RaceDepartment! After my latest skin for the Tatuus FA01, a friend of mine asked me to make a similar skin for the Exos. I've just finished it and decided to post it here too for you to enjoy. Have fun! Just like the skin I made for the FA01, this skin represents my fictional...
  6. T

    Templates World RX Class for DR2.0 2019-03-15

    The files include both external body and windows template. Cars Included: 208 RX Fiesta Mk.7 ST Fiesta Mk.8 ST Megane RS Polo R S1 quattro WRX STI