russian time

  1. phoenix84621

    Russian Time Sauber F1 Team 1.0

    After a miserable 2017, Sauber gained extra funding through Formula Two team Russian Time, who bought out part of Sauber to form a partnership. Together, with Honda engines, they hope to bring Sauber back to the midfield. Their drivers are Ericsson and Markelov. Note: if using for a video -...
  2. allflattious

    Allflattious 2020 Career Mode RussianTime F1 Team Mod! 1.0

    The first team mod to be made available on RaceDepartment for the Allflattious 2020 Modded Career! This mod includes: RussianTime F1 Modded Skin; (Replaces Toro Rosso) Numbers and helmets for the two drivers (Sergey Sirotkin & Artem Markelov) Driver Crew, Garage Crew and Pit Crew Suits. This...