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ruscko texture

  1. Jdavisss

    [Tires] Ruscko New Whitewall Tires 1.0

  2. sBanana

    Ruscko Repair 1.2

    A mod that includes: -Rust removal -Texture Replacement -Ruscko wheel replacement -Ruscko grille and bumper replacement -Removal of wasp nest (for aesthetics, wasps are still present) Leave suggestions in the comments :)
  3. mscimages

    Ruscko without rust 1.0

  4. G

    Ruscko Rust Free (Original paint scheme) 1.0

    Here's the Ruscko without rust, following the original paint scheme. I tried also fixing the interior leather, but it looks... bland. Idk, I'll try to improve it some time. I half-assed did everything halfway through the "rust-free" procedure. Car still look pretty bright. I'll try toning down...