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    2nd Attempt - Louis Foster, Double R, #26 (correct skin) 1.1

    This is the correct skin.
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    RSS4 - Carter Williams, JHR, #55, British F4 2019 1.0

    OK, 12th and final British F4 2019 skin to complete the RL 2019 grid. That's all the regular competitors (I missed out a few drivers that only ran the odd race). Put your own championship together and add your own car / skin to the mix to try to compete with these feisty youngsters (some of...
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    RSS_4_Bart_Horsten 1.0

    This was tricky, getting the white shape at the rear of the car to be somewhat realistic. Best I could manage!
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    RSS_4_Sebastian_Alvarez 1.0

    Another British F4 2019 RSS 4 skin for you all
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    RSS_4_Josh_Skelton 1.0

    3rd British F4 skin
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    RSS_4_Zane_Maloney 1.0

    2nd skin for British F4 2019
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    Mariano_Martinez_Skin_RSS4 1.0

    I really enjoy driving the RSS4. I'd like to get skins made for all the British F4 2019 cars and set up my own championship. Let me know what you think of this one. Unzip and drop the folder into your AC content directory as follows; C:\Program Files...
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