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  1. DavidDGA

    1998 Chrysler Viper GTS-R - Chamberlain Engineering #53 #55 1.2

    Here is the 1998 Chamberlain Engineering Viper that ran in Le Mans 1998. Also included the FIA GT livery that ran at Suzuka 1000km that year. I have the custom driver suit as a pending task, hope it will be added soon. Enjoy, hope you like it.
  2. rambófagyi

    RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 Evo Jimmy Broadbent Praga Skin 1.0

    (To use this skin, you'll need the Rss Hybrid X) My first okay looking livery, hope you like it :D
  3. RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO Released

    RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO Released

    Race Sim Studio have released their Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO car for Assetto Corsa. The popular modding team has based this car heavily on the recently debuted 2022 Formula One car. One of the aspects of sim racing that keeps us coming back is the ability to recreate our favorite motorsport...
  4. StarGamer

    Formula RSS 3 V6 DTS livery 2021-07-19

    Hey, this is a DTS(Drive to Survive(not related to Netflix))livery for the Formula RSS 3 V6 that I created. The main color of this skin ist black and purple, with a bit of white. I used this livery in the Champion R League by ChampionJoe This Skin includes the livery, the steering wheel was...
  5. DavidDGA

    1995 Lister Storm GTS - Lister Cars Limited #52 1.1

    Here is the 1995 Lister Storm GTS which ran at Le Mans 1995. This skin is for RSS Tornado V12 . This Datasonix sponsored Lister could not finish due to a gearbox failure. Hope you like it.
  6. A

    Ferrari 360 Modena N-GT JMB Racing Spa24h 2.0

    That skin raced the Spa 24H race in the 2001. I have tried to recreate as acurately as I could with the rss skin as a base. If anyone wants to improve the skin, I could sent him the psd files. If you liked the first version of the skin you could still downloading it (There are 2 different skins...
  7. A

    Prospeed Competition Racing Team Porsche 996 RSR 2.0

    This skin is from 2006 Zolder 24 hours. This car was raced by Prospeed team with the iconic Pink Pig livery. I have tried to replicate as much as I could. If anyone think that can improve the skin I could sent him all the files and photos that I have used.
  8. KarneUSZ

    F1 2021 Skinpack for RSS Formula Hybrid 2017 1.4

    I made this skinpack for my league, but since it finished, I decided to publish it. Its a full 2021 grid skinpack for RSS Formula Hybrid 2017 with alternative Ferrari and Alpine skins. I am sincerely sorry that I forgot to mention some assets are taken from @Conguito_ designs. I admire his...
  9. S

    VShojo (Itasha) | RSS Formula Americas 2020 V1

    VShojo vtuber group livery for the RSS Formula Americas 2020. My first livery for this mod and using for the first time applying 3D painting for AC models. So, if you find any issue with this livery, please leave a comment. Livery made for the RSS Formula Americas 2020 mod by Race Sim Studio -...
  10. sickopaul

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 - Foyt's Enterprises Dallara F1 1.0

    Foyt's Enterprises F1, fictonal team derived directly from the former Indy team, Powered by Dallara and Chevrolet. Fictionally driven by Sébastien Bourdais, Foyt's actual driver, and non other than Romain Grosjean, taking this opportunity for an F1 comeback. Hope you enjoy! Credits to...
  11. Lt_Spirit

    CGR NTT Data #10 | RSS FH 21 1.0

    -------------------¡Ojo! Cascos personalizados SOLO visibles con el mod ""ACSPRH ""------------------- -------------------¡Careful! Helmets ONLY visible with the ""ACSPRH"" mod -------------------...
  12. DEjfID111

    Maserati Racing F1 Team 1

    Maserati Racing F1 Team for the amazing mod made by Race sim studio Formula hybrid X. Includes: car livery,race suit,crew suit, crew board
  13. Airwreck

    RSS Hyperion - Coach Eric Academy Fantasy Skin 1.2

    Hello People of the Internet, My own Coach Eric Skins on the RSS Hyperion :D Its just a Fantasy Skin, hope you enjoy it :D coachericacademy.com
  14. Airwreck

    RSS Hyperion - Coach Eric Academy Fantasy Skin 1.1

    Hello People of the Internet, this is my very own Coach Eric Academy Skin for the RSS Hyperion Nascar Car If you have any Questions, just ask me on Discord Airwreck#1337 coachericacademy.com Have Fun :D
  15. Mathonner

    RSS GT1 GRID Skinpack 1.0

    A skinpack inspired from GRID, this time for the RSS GT1 pack, it include 1 skin for the Lanzo ( aka the Murcielago ) with a teammate variant, and 6 skins for the Shadow ( aka the Saleen S7 ) with also a teammate variant. Check out the Corvette Skinpack that can go with it ...
  16. sickopaul

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 - Benetton BMW Motorsport 1.0

    What if BMW decided to come back in F1? What about doing so with the historic Benetton? Driven by current BMW works drivers Martin Tomczyk and Antonio Felix Da Costa, this concept team will surely need a go in any fantasy F1 championships! This concept livery has taken its inspiration from the...
  17. Lt_Spirit

    Atheris F1 | RSS FH21 1.0

    -------------------¡Ojo! Cascos personalizados SOLO visibles con el mod ""ACSPRH ""------------------- -------------------¡Careful! Helmets ONLY visible with the ""ACSPRH"" -------------------...
  18. sickopaul

    Flying Lizard Motorsport - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 1.0

    Hi everyone! Wanted to give a shot to reinvent this iconic livery on a modern F1 car, a fictional Porsche-powered car with the support of the iconic GT team. Hope you enjoy! And be free to make suggestions.
  19. R

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 simhub dash 1

    My first try of creating a dashboard for the RSS 2021 Hybrid in assetto corsa.
  20. C

    RSS Hyperion 2020- Ricky Bobby Me livery 1

    Ricky Bobby Me livery from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Made in MS Paint