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  1. davewilliams000

    #24 & #26 Lamborghini Murciélago DAMS Scream R-GT FIA GT 2004 (RSS GT Lanzo V12) 1.11

    Presenting the DAMS Scream R-GT Murciélago livery from FIA GT Championship 2004. This car used various sponsors throughout it's history and this particular configuration was only used on it's first race at Imola in 2004, but is also the one featured on GTR2 so I wanted to do this livery as it...
  2. speedyx56

    #22 Puma Murcielago R-GT GT1 (RSS Lanzo V12) 1.0

    More Font for the numbers by chrisi2174 .psd files Uncompressed textrues Uncompressed screenshots :
  3. davewilliams000

    RSS GT Dashboard Pack for Simhub 2.0

    Presenting my Simhub dashboard pack for the GT mod by Race Sim Studio. Ferruccio V12 55: Background created in photoshop. On the 2nd row, the first zero is for traction control - as the car doesn't have TC it will show as 0, 2nd is water temp (so will show zero), and and the 'W' is something...
  4. speedyx56

    #51 #52 #53 Viper GTS-R Team Oreca 1999 (RSS Vortex V10) 1.0

    More Excluding some differences because of the different bodykit, I believe this is the most accurate replica of these liveries done in any video game. .psd files Uncompressed textures Uncompressed screenshots
  5. Skython

    RSS Vortex - Team Oreca Le Mans 2000 v1.00

    Remembered by many as simply, the Viper from Gran Turismo. It's now sort of in Assetto Corsa. This is all three cars that ran at Le Mans in that year, #51, #52, and #53. This skinpack is of course for the fantastic RSS GT1 mod, which you should check out... Now! Seriously? Why are you still...
  6. RufGTI

    RSS GT1 - Real UI names 0.91

    At the moment the texts are only provisional. I am going to update them as soon as we have got all six cars. If something does not work properly please report these issues to me. Have fun!
  7. David Dominguez

    Cars RSS GT1 Championship

    RSS GT Pack by Race Sim Studio