rss formula 3 v6

  1. H

    RSS Formula 3 V6 Authentic cockpit 1.1

    Sometimes it's all about little details. I changed some textures to make the RSS Formula 3 V6 look like it were a licensed car, to give it a more authentic look. - removed red and tricolor decals from steering wheel - black steering wheel rubber grips - red Sabelt seatbelts with yellow pads -...
  2. Rob Fitness

    Formula RSS 3 V6 - Sauber Junior Team #7, 8, 9 2019-06-20

    Release date: 20-06-2019 Version: v 1.0: - initial release at 4096x4096 Description: 3 replica liveries from the Sauber Junior Team by Charouz 2019 20+ hours of work easy - Twisstar logo made from scratch - Added heated titanium look to exhaust tips - Added Brembo logo to brake calliper...