rss formula 1990

  1. Z

    Rss F1 1990 Alessandro Nannini helmet 1

    Hi, I painted Alessandro Nannini F1 1990 helmet. It's not great but I don't have 3D editor so I did it as best I could
  2. Ferrari2016

    JPS Lotus 98T Senna Skin| RSS Formula 1990 V12 V1.0

    So here it is... My JPS Lotus 98T Skin for the RSS Formula 1990 V12! Hope you enjoy! :D Please leave a rating and reaction!
  3. J Andrews

    RSS Formula 1990 | Lola LC90 1.0

    Credits: @Kamiklaasie for their Good Year Eagle tyres A livery for the Formula RSS 1990 V12 based upon the Lola LC90 entered by Larrousse F1 for the 1990 season. The two cars were piloted by Éric Bernard and Aguri Suzuki. The latter of whom would achieve the first and only podium of his...
  4. wiithdrew

    RSS Formula 1990 | EuroBrun ER189B 0.8

    The car only qualified twice - finished 13th and retired in the other. ...and this impeccable piece of history can now be yours! Both drivers included (Claudio Langes & Roberto Moreno) Huge thanks to @Steven Poirier for the permission to use resources from his fantastic AMS 1990 season mod to...
  5. Ferrari2016

    RSS Formula 1990 V12 |Carbon Fibre V1.0

    Enjoy this Carbon Fibre RSS Formula 1990 V12 Skin!
  6. wiithdrew

    RSS Formula 1990 | Life L190 0.8

    An often forgotten participant of the 1990 season. But a welcome addition to the growing grid for this absolutely fantastic car. Real tyres available here. Enjoy!
  7. wiithdrew

    RSS Formula 1990 | Lotus 102 0.8.5

    Both cars included for Derek Warwick & Martin Donnelly. I may do the proper helmets and race suits at a later time, I haven't decided yet. Colour matched as close as possible for now. Real tyres available here. You can download the helmet for Martin Donnelly here. Thanks to @blackcelica for...
  8. J Andrews

    Pirelli Tyres for the RSS Formula 1990 1.0

    Based upon the Pirelli tyres used by 6 teams in the 1990 F1 season. This is my first proper attempt at making custom liveries for Assetto Corsa, hence why the preview uses a livery I was testing with, and then wanted to make Pirelli tyres for. To use just paste the .dds files into the skin...