1. RoyalFranzYT

    Origami Tobiichi - Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1.0

    This one is made for the already in-game Porsche 911 GT3 RS, featuring Date A Live's Origami Tobiichi. This idea came to me about months ago while i was still living in the Philippines but i never got on with it right away because it was hard to choose which 911 to go with.
  2. Linngor

    Renault RS01 Championships nov-2019

    Today I bring you a new career mod. 4 fictitious championships of the Renault R.S.01 category. American Championship: 7 Circuits. 5 laps European Championship: 14 Circuits. 5 laps Asia-Australia Championship: 5 Circuits. 5 laps World Championship: 20 Circuits. 10 laps There are no repeated...
  3. Horváth Károly

    Audi TT RS (vln) 1.0 2019-10-05

    I saw it at an exhibition. I really liked. I built.
  4. Horváth Károly

    Audi TT RS (vln) 1.0 2019-10-03

    Audi TT RS skin. JPS Classic painting.
  5. Horváth Károly

    Audi TT RS (vln) 1.0 2019-10-02

    Audi TT RS (vln) Kodak bőr
  6. cebeuno

    VW Golf MK1 1980 [v.RS] 1.01

    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// At the end of the description are the files for the update 1.01 Do not download the mod again if you already have it. ///////////////////// VW Golf MK1 1980 v.RS [FWD] Turbo/Intercooler...
  7. skl1984

    1998 Ford Escort Cosworth RS Final k

    Model:1998 Escort Cosworth RS Class: group A Working fine and the import is perfect Install: Just unzip the folder in the cars folder of the game Hope you like it
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