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    Hi Guys, New in the PC sim race world. Just noobing it out at the moment. Cheers!
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    Hi, everyone

    Hello, My nickname is AlniteK. I'm simracer for long years playing all games I've found since 1987 and now after spent lot of time on Project Cars 2 with friends, I'm new to ACC. This website seems to be the good place to find lots of ressources. So, i'm here now :) The first challenge will be...
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    How does the Rating work?

    Hello, I am new in simracing and I am playing RaceRoom. I am playing Rankeds in rookie and yesterday I played one race where my rating dropped -24.693 and I don't know why. The stats of the race are: Start Pos. #22 / Finish Pos. #20 / Incidents 3 / Drivers 24 / Rating -24.693 / Rep. +2.503 /...
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    R3E Racing Club | Information & Upcoming Events

    What is it? The R3E Racing Club is the place to be for relaxed, friendly racing which is open to all ability levels. The emphasis here is on fun, so it is the perfect environment to learn how to race, improve your race craft, and hone your skills. Social interaction also plays a big part in our...