rokit williams f1

  1. CoZi

    Tatuus T-318 - ROKiT Williams Racing Livery 1.0

    ROKiT Williams Racing Fictional Skin Skin painted for rFactor2 for Tatuus T-318 from the recent Tatuus Pack Sure, it's slow but doesn't it look great? How to install? Put the Robert Kubica folder and 88.rcd into: Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\Tatuus_F3_T318_2018...
  2. jburon72

    2019 ROKiT WIlliams Racing Livery 1.0.3

    Hello everyone. Here is my version of ROkiT Williams Racing FW42 which was launch yesterday. Kine already released his version but has a little bit of difference. This will be updated with more accurate details as the reference imagesof the launch was a bit dark ------ MOD DETAILS ------...