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  1. Whalenap

    2020 RJN Sky livery 1.2

    Here is the RJN Sky 2020 Jenson Button's livery. My replica expects to be as exact as possible... Please notice that the num plate is the official ACC plate, instead of the British GT plate which means son differences in terms of location. I felt free to include the UK flag in order to avoid a...
  2. Ben O'Bro

    Caterham Roadster 500 1.3

    Fictional roadster, based on the lightweight R500. A quick week project! With LODs and data.acd, all good. Hoping we haven't forgotten anything! Rather open setup, semis, sequential 6 gears and too many ponies * RIP. Few colorful skins** Also available : Caterham 165 -...
  3. Piereligio

    Formula DS: fastest, extremest virtual car 4.0.1

    Who cares of physics laws: reach over 300G, and 16000 km/h, right below the speed where the game breaks (16360km/h)! Moved by a petrol+jet engine (and KERS), the car has a very advanced dynamic wings aerodynamic system, to keep the downforce constant at every speed (around 7 tonnes, for a car...