road atlanta

  1. J

    Road Atlanta Retexture (Content Manager Skinpack) 1.1

    This Skinpack includes 2 Skins for the Road Atlanta 2018 Mod by Jim Lloyd. A 2019 Version with blue and yellow curbs and a version from before 2017 with white and green curbs and Yokohama and WeatherTech sponsoring instead of Michelin and Motul. The Track can be found here...
  2. rambokim

    Road Atlanta camtool replay 1.0

    Road Atlanta 2018 The replay need camtool2 File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data
  3. rFactor 2: BMW M2 CS Cup at Road Atlanta (4K / 60fps)

    rFactor 2: BMW M2 CS Cup at Road Atlanta (4K / 60fps)

    A showcase of the M2 CS Cup (350 hp) at Road Atlanta. The M2 is a blast to drive ! Setup: Logitech G27 / no car aids / stock car setup with TC disabled / AI ...
  4. FFF789

    Road Atlanta camera files 1.0

    Wanted to add some more cameras to my replays. After couple of hours of decisions with this tough layout, what to put where, I've created something that's close to the TV broadcast of the IMSA race in 2018 and also made one static cameras set. Track link...
  5. Brototype

    S397 Porsche 911 RSR Porsche GT Team (Coca Cola) 1.1

    Here are the #911 and #912 liveries ran at this years Petit Le Mans at Road Atlana. As usual, number panels are by Isaac Chavira.
  6. BloodySalmonMan

    Renault Megane Trophy @ Road Atlanta

    20min race setup for Renault Megane Trophy at Road Atlanta. It's not perfect but will just about get the job done.
  7. F_B

    Road Atlanta 2016 AI 2017-11-19

    New AI line + hints for Road Atlanta 2016 by Jim Lloyd. Have fun! The track can be downloaded here. Just unzip and copy the specific track folder to your assettocorsa\content\tracks, it will automatically copy the new ai + hints to the correct folder. Perhaps make sure to keep your old AI...
  8. Heikki21

    Road Atlanta 2017 1.10

    << 22.05.2018 >> UPDATE V1.10 => See Update notes With kind permission from Patrick Girathon, I present you a conversion of his great Road Atlanta from AMS, now for RF2. Many things where updated and added: - DX11 ready - rF2 realroad added - nightlights added - almost all textures of the...
  9. venami

    JDC Miller Motorsports Audi R18 2014 2017-10-06

    For the upcomming Petit Le Mans 2017, I decided to make a prototype livery. So I put the JDC Miller Oreca 07 Livery on the Kunos Simulazioni R18 2014. Sadly, I don't really know how to put Continental tyres onto it, so the car kept the Michelins. Here are some images of the livery: I hope...