1. SandQuickdev

    Custom Rim (MSCRim) 1.1.2alpha

    (This project was canceled, as someone accidentally deleted an project files) Tried to find rim you like? Forget that! Introducting Custom Rim (also known as MSCRim) It allows you to change any wheel rim you like, via swaping rim model in your Assets folder. Not only does change Satsuma's...
  2. V

    Sell SSRG Custom Wheel

    ~~~~~~~~ SOLD ~~~~~~~~ Practically brand new SSRG sim racing wheel. Comes with one open top and one fully enclosed rim. USB. Lightly raced, and always with gloves on! Retail price was $1,100 I believe. This wheel design was the best SSRG ever made in my opinion, and it is no longer...
  3. ilovehamilton

    Mercedes rim for f1 mania 2021 cars 1.0

    This my first time skin editing so its can be bad
  4. tobykaku

    Sell Fanatec clubsport rim R330

    Fanatec clubsport rim R330 As good as new, it's a month old, I used glove when using it. I bought another rim, that's why i want to sell it. Location: Netherlands Asking price: €80 Domestic shipping: €6.75 by postNL, Germany, Belgium, France: €19.5 by postNL If you are interested, and living in...
  5. PixelCow

    Sell D-Shaped Suede Wheel (rim only) - 280mm

    Unknown brand D Shaped 280mm wheel. Suede is in good (not perfect) condition. Standard Momo bolt pattern, was on a Fanatec Universal hub for a long time. Not sure on the brand but it's a solid wheel. Really nice wheel but I just don't use it and I'm looking for a 300mm or bigger round wheel...
  6. Peter Stevenson

    Sell Fanatec PS4/PC Rim Similar to P1

    Item: Fanatec CSL Elite Rim Condition: Excellent Price: €130 €120 + Shipping Location: Ireland Selling the stock rim that comes with the CSL Elite. I upgraded to the formula V2 and it just hasn't seen any use since then. It's only seen a couple of weeks use. In excellent condition overall...
  7. kieranhendy

    Wanted Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

    Looking for a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel and base. If you have pedals for it then I might be interested in those too. I'm hoping to stay under or around £500 plus cost of pedals but still let me know even if your wanting for than that for them as I might be able to squeeze extra.
  8. T

    Wanted DD wheel, Rim, pedals, shifter

    Building my sim rig. Looking for various devices. I am located in US, Zip 98036 DD wheel: Simucube 2 Sport or Pro, Sim racing bay OSW. Augury OSW 18nm/20nm Rim: formula style wheel (around 290mm) with dual clutch. Preferably Ascher F64, Taichi F1, cube controls. Open to other formula style...
  9. mrbungle83

    Wanted Fanatec Rim ideally Formula rim.

    I am looking for a rim for the CSL elite base. i like the look of the formula rim.
  10. H

    Looking for Fanatec BMW GT2 Wheel ASAP - UK

    Hi Guys, Really wanting to buy a good condition Fanatec BMW Wheel, if you have one please message me, willing to pay a very good price.
  11. Josh Martin

    Sell Thrustmaster TSPC Openwheel *RIM ONLY* £100

    No more available.
  12. Josh Martin


    Hi all, Just to let you know, I am now fully sold on all of these. I've had an overwhelming amount of interest and had to work through these backdating from September across the various social media mediums (this included). I have 4 units which are marked as dead but maybe working so I can...
  13. H

    Purchase advice: First setup (budget ~950€)

    Hello everybody, I am a real newcomer in the field of Simracing and have almost no experience with the corresponding hardware. I want to play mainly Dirt Rally with it. Important criteria for me are quality and durability. I don't need a gear shift for the time being. Therefore a clutch pedal...
  14. Mascot

    Sell (UK) Fanatec Alcantara CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 (Rim)

    ****** SOLD ****** Fanatec Alcantara CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 (Rim) for PC and Xbox One (not to be confused with the cheaper CSL Steering Wheel P1) This rim costs €179.95 + €27.07 standard delivery (or €46.23 express delivery, if you're crazy) from Fanatec = €207.02 (or 226.18 for crazy...
  15. MrRox1122

    I have one problem witch texture on my model rim_rally

    I have one problem witch texture on my model rim_rally - rim_rally texture name
  16. sti228

    Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM) V1.04

    Positive - Only in race mode works start lights (start light - red/green) - 21 starting point - 21 pit stop - Working bots (AI) - Moving cameras (fly cam) - Working ordinary road cameras Negative - Pit stop don't work (it works but car stuck in one place after entering pits). For this reason i...
  17. sim247

    Steering Rim

    Does anyone have any idea from were to get this wheel?