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  1. AdvancedSimRacing

    Authorized Vendor Advanced SimRacing - The most robust SimRacing chassis ever created!

    Hey everyone! Mark here from Advanced SimRacing. We are a racing simulation chassis manufacturer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with shipping capabilities that cover the entire North American continent. // PROMOTIONAL CODE First things first, before we talk about us and our products, we...
  2. ComaTwin

    Sell TrakRacer RS6 in SoCal

    Have a TrakRacer RS6 for sale for pick-up or meet in SoCal area (North San Diego County). Only 9 months old, great shape. Includes extra options: Keyboard and Mouse Tray Buttkicker mount Reclining seat mount Shifter/handbrake upgrade All for $400
  3. K

    Are there any rigs with a strong shifter mount

    Hi, I have recently got an SG racing shifter and handbrake. The units are very heavy duty, around 35 cm tall, and require a large amount of force to use. Due to the height and force required, my shifter mount on my NLR DD wheelstand just isnt up to the task. It flexes massively to the point...
  4. T

    Full Rig-Planning Help (Motion Hardware Focus)

    Main Purpose: Drifting in Assetto Corsa (not ACC). Intend to play Dirt Rally 2 and circuit racing in the future. Current Hardware: T300, Fanatec Handbrake, Shifter & CSL Elite LC pedals all on a Playseat Challenge. Oculus Rift S Planned Hardware: Solid Rig with motion functionality. DD wheel...
  5. L

    Sell Sim-Lab GT1-Evo Single Screen Holder

    I changed my GT1-Evo extensively and no longer need this. Any interest? I’ll ship within US. Looks like this: Looking for $45 plus UPS Ground shipping, but will consider offers.
  6. lemonbrahz

    T500 on desk vs G25 on a rig?

    Hey guys, Right now I've got my G25 desk mounted, has been like that for 2 years now. Recently I've got more and more into sim racing and want to upgrade my setup. Pretty much I've boiled it down to either keeping my desk setup but with a better wheel (Thrustmaster/Fanatec) OR keep my trusty...

    Playseat with Heusinkveld Pedals... probably a bad idea. (help with rig choice)

    Hello, hope you are having a good day. I'm sick of iRacing with the Logitech G920 mounted to a desk feeling uncomfortable the whole race, plus leaving myself at a massive disadvantage (mainly pedal wise). I don't have the funds for a new wheel, pedals or the rig as a student but I've convinced...
  8. andre

    Complete upgrade of pedals + wheel + VR on a budget

    Hey guys I've come back to sim racing after a 5 year break. I didn't take long to get to where I was when I first stopped but now I feel that an upgrade of my hardware would greatly help me. I've been using an old Fanatec CSR kit that is starting to fail on me, even after some DIY repairs. So...
  9. F

    DIY Wood Sim-Rig with all components and some guideline measurements

    I am into simracing for 1 and a half year now, which is rather short, but it feels like a hobby which I never found, but always needed. I started with a PS3 Controller, then went to the Steam Controller and afterwards I got my Logitech G29 at christmas last year, since then I've absolutely...
  10. 20190803_113722.jpg


    My rig
  11. K

    Sell (US) Full Rig: Sim Lab P1, DD2, Alienware R8, CRG9, Recaro, . . .

    Album https://imgur.com/a/YXSYUze Well I really didn’t want this day to come but here we are. I’m moving to a small place in a different city and this can’t come with. I started building this intending to keep for life, but that’s how it goes. This is really my dream rig and hope some else’s as...
  12. AccAkut

    Slow rig build

    I've seen people inquire about ideas like this a couple of times, thought of posting a few pics here. In general it seems like what I build here is way more "pedestrian" than most. Simple 40x40 Bosch aluminium profiles, the cheapest (fitting) racing seat I found on Amazon, my trusty old pedals...
  13. J_SAMa

    Combined F1/GT Rig + Custom CSL Elite Brake Load Cell

    Built an aluminum profile rig and thought I'd share some of my ideas here. Podium DD1. Two standard slotted profile brackets on top and bottom of a 40 mm profile work out at just the right distance to accomodate a Podium wheel's side mounts. The angle can still be adjusted by rotating the...
  14. A

    Sell (USA) GT Omega ART w/ Monitor Mount - $120

    Selling a GT Omega ART rig with single monitor mount for $120. Originally purchased in July 2018 Very good condition. Pedal plate has 2 additional holes drilled and some cosmetic scratches. No seat included. Photos available upon request. Located in Southern California, USA.
  15. EdL

    Which is the best rig?

    Hi guys, So after a hiatus of many, many years, thanks to RF2 GT3s I've got the bug again. That means I need a rig for two key reasons: comfort and driving position easy access, a dedicated setup ready to go My question is - because I don't really know what's on the market - what's the best...
  16. Sentinel196

    VIDEO: Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit - Unboxing and Assembly

    I'm very excited to get my hands on the newly released GTTrack from Next Level Racing! This cockpit offers a huge scope of adjustability as well as excellent rigidity to support high end direct drive sim racing equipment. In this video we will focus on what you get in the box an how to assemble...
  17. callumjtc

    Best Bucket Seat For Simracing?

    I am looking for a new seat and would like some sort of racing bucket seat, I have a good idea of which ones I'd go for but I'd like to hear some recommendations first? Thanks in advance!
  18. J

    Tactile Immersion - Mounting transducers for Chassis Mode

    Hi all, I've been reading through the excellent posts in this forum regarding tactile immersion and am experimenting with how to mount them to my 80/20 rig. Goal: I'm looking for input on how I currently have them mounted and I welcome suggestions on different mounting methods. I want to get...
  19. D

    8020 Custom SimLab GT1 Replica BUILD

    Hi guys, I'm new to this website and I just wanted to share my intended 8020 Cockpit design and find out what you guys think. I designed it as close as I could based on SimLabs GT1. From their website, I compared their P1 to the GT1 and I reckon the GT1 looks to be far more versatile especially...
  20. clos2727

    DIY complete guide to building a wood rig

    I built this about a month ago and thought I'd share me design. It's a complete walkthrough, and step by step tutorial to get you rig going with less tha $200. You can see pics of the rig here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2197928810438208&id=1449896668574763