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  1. A

    Is there an active promo code for sim-lab?

    Also does anyone know if Bimarco Cobra III is compatible with bucket seat bracket set and Sparco seat sliders? If not what are recommended, relatively comfortable and wider seats? I’ve read most of racing seats are compatible. Do they supply spare bolts etc. to mount a seat?
  2. D

    Sim Lab GT1 Evo seat selection and mounting

    Hi, I am planning to order the GT1 Evo rig in near future (I'm aware of current lead times), and the planning of seat selection and mounting is causing a headache: I would like to combine with a GT Omega seat, but it is not obvious to me, if it is possible to bolt the seat straight into the...
  3. Codeias

    Tactile Journey / Experiment

    The start So with a P1-X rig in place, a decent 2080ti PC silently running in the background, triple monitors and a HTC Vive Pro VR headset on hand, I thought all was well in the world, but something was still missing from the emersion of any sim I loaded... at first I thought motion should be...