1. K


    This title is out next weekend on all the usual formats, i'm intrigued as it looks to be similar to some of the old moto gp titles with the fictional tracks. Though i think this may have some official tracks also. Anyone interested or tempted? i'd like to get on PC but generally whenever i get...
  2. Aaron Smythe

    Aprilia 2016 RSV4 rr Ascari Black -Ride 3 1.2 final

    This is my first Ride 3 Mod . It is based on my own 2016 Aprilia Rsv4 rr Ascari Black roadbike I couldn't resist ..haha

    RIDE 3 MODS - Rossi Soleluna 2018 AGV Helmet 1.1

    Hi Rossi fans!! This is AGV Pista GP R Soleluna 2018 use by Valentino Rossi in MotoGP 18. I had converted & remap this helmet's 3D model & textures based on original helmet model from MotoGP 18. Forgive me as this helmet is not as perfect like original model & textures in MotoGP 18 game but I do...

    RIDE 3 MODS - SHOEI HELMETS 2019-01-16

    Hi everyone. This are Shoei Helmets from MotoGP18 including Marc Marquez & Bradley Smith. This helmets will replace Shoei X-Spirit III textures. Just place the paks file into your Ride3 paks folder & enjoy!!!