rfactor 1

  1. Keselowski2

    PlayStation 2 intro for rFactor 1.0

    Made just for your nostalgia! PlayStation 2 opening for rFactor by Keselowski2. Does not cut the ISI intro (I've mixed the ISI intro with the rFactor intro in the "PreGame" intro file) How to install: Extract all bink files to your rFactor\MovieFiles folder. Overwrite if asked. Enjoy and have fun!
  2. J


    i recently dowloaded rfactor 1 but i don't know how to play it at night anyone can help me?
  3. Aymericraccing

    rFactor Central Shut Down?

    When I try to go to http://rfactorcentral.com/list.cfm?cat=Cars&type=Touring it does not display and 504 Gateway Time-out error message. Has rFactor Central shut down since then?
  4. Dux

    rFactor Compatibility Issues

    Greetings, I forgot when was the last time I run rFactor. Probably it was back in 2013. Since then got 1070ti, Dell Ultrawide, Windows 10 etc etc and all of which might have been the reason for my troubles now that I cannot lunch the game. All that it shows is the loading screen and takes me...
  5. Keselowski2

    [REQUEST] Talent files for MotoGP riders

    Hi, first I know rFactor isn't a bike game, but I downloaded the MotoGP 2013 mod by Nico (that has only the Repsol-Honda bikes from Marquez and Pedrosa), so I want all the riders in case the author continue the project and add the remaining bikes PS: I want the 2019 stats. PS 2: If anyone want...
  6. M

    Rfactor 1987 F1 trackpack 2019-04-06

    contains the 16 historic Grand Prix for 1987 season+ Montreal & Brands Hatch 1986 based on Carrera 4, SRM & CPDLR work, updated and developed by Vimana for 1986 & 1987 mods: -updated textures (grass,trees...) -86/87 sponsorship -1987 boxes -new skies -new asphalt for half of the tracks...
  7. Prezesdejmian

    Artem Markelov Helmet F1 2017 Version convert into rFactor skin.

    How expensive and hard is this request? Is it to do? :)
  8. M

    tripple team servegame is down again.

    Does anyone know what happened to http://****************:100/ ? Worked perfectly until yesterday. Is it down for good? And if so, are the files from there transfered somewhere else?
  9. F

    Rfactor 1 - Lights always on...why?

    I´m working in a car in Rfactor 1 and i have no much experience, so i need some help... the car is Always with lights on, i don´t understand the reason.... the gen. files is /------------------------------------Headlights and Tail Lights------------------------------------------------//...