1. J

    Mazda MX-5 IMSA 2020 (request by ImSteevin) 0.1

    No Sponsors yet, just the blank design. Logos will be added eventually
  2. Keselowski2

    [REQUEST] Talent files for MotoGP riders

    Hi, first I know rFactor isn't a bike game, but I downloaded the MotoGP 2013 mod by Nico (that has only the Repsol-Honda bikes from Marquez and Pedrosa), so I want all the riders in case the author continue the project and add the remaining bikes PS: I want the 2019 stats. PS 2: If anyone want...
  3. A

    General Monochrome ideal line (trajectory)

    Hello here! Could anyone help me with simple mode: disable ideal line colours (disable acceleration/brake path). I have no idea how to do this, but sure - it's easy task. I feel speed and can predict the time for braking, but make mistakes with choosing trajectory. So need ideal line...
  4. CivElox

    BMW M6 GT3 Classic (costum edit) 2019-01-06

    Hi Guys, today i will show you my BMW M6 GT3 skin for the GT3 online championship 2019 by RedOps. This skin was Made for T0bY you can tell me if you find some bugs and i will fix it So I hope you enjoy it^^ in the readme there you can see how to install it, but if not, then look: you can only...
  5. Leonardo Ratafiá

    Mod / App Requests Thread

    is it possible that we could see a Power and Glory Mod for AC, having Aristotelis worked for both? :)
  6. ItsMeMarcie

    [Request] Helmet mod

    Hi, I've tried modding myself, but found out I'm completely terrible at it :P So my question is if anyone could find the time to create a helmet for me, of course with some personal stuff on it. I hope to get a reply, either on here or through a message. It would mean a lot to me. If someone...
  7. RakiBwoah

    Skins Skin RSS Formula Hybrid request

    Hello everyone, I do not know if it is the right place to ask, since I am very poor with editing programs I try to ask here if anyone would want to make a skin of a formula rss 2018 hybrid with the basics similar to a motorcycle valentino rossi yamaha style, sorry for my poor english
  8. P

    Apps Looking for AC PRO developer

    We are a company who are organising offline AC championship on a custom motion simulator. We are looking for someone who is willing and capable of doing some modification on the AC PRO: CUSTOM LAUNCHER WITH REMOTE CONTROL UI: - custom design, simplified for hot-seat changing of players -...
  9. C

    [REQUEST] Satsuma wood grain stock steering wheel

    Would love it if someone could retexture the stock Satsuma steering wheel with a wood grain texture on the black outer circle including the two black sides connecting to the middle (unless it looks better with just wood grain circle) Thanks :D (Trying to re-create my car IRL (Subaru Outback)...
  10. SunBroSquad

    Mod Request for a Stopwatch

    Hello, i thought about setting up races. I would like to have a Stopwatch that counts time in game, of course accurate and consistent. It has to be transportable, maybe buyable or some kind of "you have to earn it". In this way you can create your own race tracks like everywhere, like on the...
  11. Peesyy

    Skin Request

    Hi all, just wondering whether anybody would be kind enough to make an all carbon fibre skin for the SF70H (like the RSS formula hybrid 'carbon' skin). My photoshop plays me up with skins so can't get my own to work. Would be much appreciated by myself and i'm sure many others if someone has the...
  12. Scarystuff

    [Mod request] App for VR to emulate Discord overlay

    Is it possible to make an app that shows the same info as the Discord overlay does in flatscreen games, but as a normal app ingame so people using VR can also see who is in the same voice channel and who is speaking? And if someone could maybe hack something like that together, I would be very...
  13. S

    "Snap-to" Shelf in house pantry?

    Hi there rally winners, I've been thinking, since (many of) us have the habit of compulsively hoarding whatever is there at Teimo's in large numbers and compulsively organizing them everywhere we can, wouldn't it be nice to have the shelf in the pantry to automatically snap stuff to it in an...
  14. S

    looking for mod

    i whas wondering if someone could upload the ICE Mod 2017 for motorsport manager on because i can't access internet right now for a while at my home and maybe it might help other people if the creator of the mod approves it
  15. AL1630

    Can someone patch this for 0.9?

    Hi! I am looking for someone who can patch this car so it is usable in the 0.9 update, as I haven't found any of this model that are. Thanks! Here it is: