1. Jackal-88

    SKY Sport Reporter 1.2

    Hi guys. this is the mod to have a SKY Sport reporters. Package Included: - Female reporter t-shirt - Female reporter pants - Male reporter t-shirt - Male reporter pants - Microphone - Pass - Blue-eyed female reporter enjoy! You can either use do it manually with EEA...
  2. ByDaniX


    Hello people, I present to you DAZN REPORTER. You can either use Copy / Paste or do it manually with EEA.
  3. RickJanB

    ZiggoSport Reporter 1.0

    Hello people, Hereby I present my ZiggoSport Reporter. You can use Copy/Paste or do it manually with EEA. There is a back-up folder! Let me know if you like it, and ask for questions ONLY on discord, enjoy! Join my discord server: Please donate so I can make...
  4. Littlefysh

    Sky Sports Reporter Pack 2019-02-11

    Very basic edit of the 4 textures for the reporter, her cameraman and her microphone. Changes their shirts to black/grey and replaces the generic logo with a Sky Sports one. Also changes the microphone to red and replaces that logo too. The usual .erp manual install or drag + drop. If you...