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  1. Dayz_me_rollin82

    Satsuma Sound Overhaul 1.25

    Replaces Satsuma engine sounds with other sfx already ingame. Featuring different exhaust sounds with race exhaust system. Also with valvetrain noise that gets louder as rockershaft condition deteriorates. That's about it.
  2. MrWaflz55

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT4 Conversion Mod 2020-05-23

    This is a conversion file based on the hgc_nvidia that updates the car to FIA GT4 specifications, adds more skins, includes new tires and a bunch of other small tweaks. Included in the download are the files needed to copy over the hgc_nvidia mod to create the GT4 car, but the model is not...
  3. C

    Evil Monkey window sticker 2019-02-05

    Just a window sticker replacement that adds the evil monkey to the original. To install replace the file with the one in your game directory for example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Images
  4. DusnA

    What are my options to replace broken G25 pedals?

    Hi guys.. please heeeelp!! I've been experiencing some problems with my pedals already for long time. The problem was simply in the cable, connecting pedals to the G25 wheel. The problem was in clutch pedal cable. I think it was half-broken since my last moving to a new place. Anyway - till...
  5. Giacomo Noghera

    [GUI REPLACEMENT] Blancpain GT-Series Style National Flags 1.0

    This is a GUI replacement for the in-game national flags display, it's based on a resource pack made by Isaac Chavira and it contains the most used nationalities in the game. The files are in .png 48x48 resolution if you would like to make some yourself. If you like this mod I strongly recommend...
  6. Isaac Chavira


    To the trolls, Don't come in here and down vote my work with 1 or 2 stars just because you dont like it and have no intent of using it. And especially if its your first post ever in the forums and you have no ability or talent to do what we content creators can do. These are complete...
  7. J

    G27 cord replacement

    So one of my dogs recently chew the usb plug off the end of the steering wheel cord and the end off of the h-shifter cord. Does anyone have any experience replacing these cords or am I out of luck?
  8. Phoenix77

    CAR TAGS (Power to Weight) & (A0 - A15) 1.3

    ** If you use my HeliCams.. You NEED these tags as they are timed using the A tags!!! ** Replacement Car Tags 1.3 Sort cars by Power to Weight Ratio... (PWR) Easier to pick a grid of similarly performing cars, for racing against AI or as a guide to choose cars for a Multiplayer race. To...