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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2: New Imola Layouts Headline 'Reiza Bundle' DLC Update

    The 'Reiza Bundle' for rFactor 2 has been updated - including new historic layouts for the beautiful Imola circuit... Released as additional content for rFactor 2 back at the end of March, Reiza Studios have continued to work hard on their first content package for the Studio 397 developed...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Reiza News: Updates and Developments Coming to rF2 'Reiza DLC'

    Reiza Studios recently confirmed work is still well underway to enhance the recent 'Reiza Bundle' DLC for rFactor 2 - including some additional free versions of Imola... The 'Reiza Bundle' DLC for rFactor 2 came out back on March 28th to much anticipation and fanfare from players of rFactor 2...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    rF2: Reiza Pack DLC Previews and Pricing Confirmed

    Reiza Studios have confirmed the pricing of the upcoming Reiza DLC for rFactor 2, and to celebrate, we go for a quick spin in the new content... Having been on the receiving end of several delays since first the first announcement during mid 2018, the eagerly anticipated Reiza Pack DLC for...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2: New Reiza DLC ViR Previews

    Reiza Studios have released new preview images from the upcoming Virginia International Raceway rFactor 2 DLC. Confirming ViR will be added as yet another additional bonus content item for the upcoming Reiza Bundle DLC for rFactor 2, the busy Brazilian developers have now released a series of...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Virginia International Raceway Coming to rFactor 2

    As another bonus from the upcoming Reiza DLC for rFactor 2, ViR has been confirming alongside Imola as the second bonus track for the pack. Initially planned to ship with two Automobilista classics in the form of Guapore and Ibarra alongside four cars, Reiza have taken the call to bump up the...