realistic damage

  1. EnriqueBanderas

    F1 2020 Performance mod for 2021 1.9 FINAL

    Performance mod 2021 1.9 FINAL Hello guys! This is my first attempt in creating a performance mod ever in my life as I want to reflect the values of 2021. Version 1.9 is the final one but I remain available for feedback and fixing anything wrong. (Need help? Please use the "ask a question"...
  2. joaopedrodm

    Equal Performance and Realistic Damage 1.0

    This MOD consists of all cars with the same performance, as in online and also with realistic damage. The performance used as model was of Ferrari, and the damage was used the same of MOD realistic damage INSTALLATION: Extract the rar file into the folder F12018 \ asset_groups \...
  3. joaopedrodm

    Realistic Damage 1.2

    This MOD is inspired by the "Realistic Damage" of Formula 1 2016. I used the same values in the variables present in both games. INSTALLATION: Extract the rar file into the folder F12018 \ asset_groups \ f1_2018_vehicle_package \ teams NOTE: Make a backup before. NOTE2:I have not tested it in...
  4. IceF1DE

    Realistic Damage Mod für F1 2015 und 2014 Saison 1.0

    Diese Realistic Damage Mod ist für F1 2015 und 2014 Saison. This Realistic Damage Mod is for F1 2015 and 2014 Season.
  5. CW.

    Realistic Damage Mod 2.0

    Realistic Damage Mod Credit to @KeisariKine for finding the variables! This is only the first version of the mod - The damage model is very sensitive so the slightest bit of contact causes a big crash. At the moment it's just for a bit of fun but later (maybe about the week beginning 29th) I'll...