real track

  1. Schmuckiiii

    Losail 2021 1.0

    Welcome to Losail 2021 for AC! Located in Doha, Qatar, the Losail International Circuit is a motorcycle focused FIM Grade A and FIA Grade 1 circuit built in 2004 that hosts MotoGP races, national races and hosted the 2021 F1 Qatar GP. Credits: Made for the original rFactor in 2021 by Lucho...
  2. C

    Real Street Circuit in Sao Paulo - Brazil

    Check out Ecar Track's latest update on his track for Assetto Corsa. Those are real streets. Download link for the track can be found on comment's section in this video I hope this track becomes more popular, as it is based on the neighbourhood I actually live in! The track coming out by my...
  3. Lavalamp641

    Bahrain International Circuit (All Layouts) 2.2

    Converted with permission from CTDP and McNolo. CTDP made the original version for rFactor, McNolo then made a conversion/update for rFactor 2, I have now converted/updated McNolo's version to Assetto Corsa. You are NOT allowed to convert this to another game, redistrubute or edit this track...
  4. Gardner78

    Landscape on BTB

    Hello, It's possible to add a landscape from google earth on btb? what's are the passages? I'm doing a real open hillclimb track of Northern Italy and i'd love to add the real landscape around on the BTB project. what i have to do exactly? thank you! :)