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rdgtc s6

  1. Grand Tourist

    RDGT3 /ACRL Sky Speed Sports 488 official entry cars 1.0

    These cars registered for the RDGTC and the ACRL6 for my race team, Sky Speed Sports. Liveries by Sky Speed Skins of course ;) Very downscaled so not the best quality but very friendly towards CPU and memory usage :rolleyes::D.
  2. speedyx56

    #56 #24 Huracan GT3 S.56 Design 1.1

    More pictures Tires from SimTex-TireFactory-Megapack .psd files Uncompressed textures files (not recommended for anything else than hotlapping or screenshotting) Uncompressed screenshots
  3. M

    RDGTC S6 28 Cars Skinpack 2.0

    This file contains all the skins used in the league. Installation is the same as a normal skin file, Drag and drop the folder into the AC root folder (usually \Steam\Steamapps\common\assettocorsa). There shouldn't be any need for an update. But even though all the files were tested, if you...