1. Simply Pakistani

    Samir You're Wrecking the CAR !! | Co-Driver MOD | Simply Pakistani

    I have created a RBR Mod off a funny Co-Driver clip, courtesy SAMIR THAPAR Video demo : OnBoard : 00:38 Replay : 04:45 A place for fun and competition for all rallying fans in Pakistan and around the world, "BE BRAVE AND UNLEASH YOUR MAXIMUM ATTACK" Now, you can sign up for events...
  2. RaceNut

    RBR with D-box Motion

    Does anyone active with RBR use a D-box rig? I'm unable to get things working without having the graphics freeze when I run the D-box system with RBR (both the standard and RBRcz versions). I tried a fresh install of RBR with no mods or plug-in's, then later added the "Fix Up" plug-in but, no...