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  1. DrixGG

    Invictus Racing Razer Team|F1 2020 Mod My Team 2021-01-24

    "Invitus Racing Razer Team" Hi guys, I just make a mod of My Team car in F1 2020. If you want to test it, only follow this steps. INSTRUCTIONS: 1.Extract the File. 2.Go to the F1 2020 directory. 3.Copy the files to the folder. 4.Select the car on Personalitation. 5.Enjoy:). You can donate me...
  2. Rupert the bear

    Razer Chroma Shift Lights 1.0

    If you have a Razer Chroma keyboard and/or mouse, then this application will utilize them as RPM indicators. It will also display your current gear to the number row and whether or not traction control and abs is enabled represented by an illuminated 't' and 'a' respectively. The colour of the...