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  1. Goozys

    Herbert Breiteneder / European Rally Cross 1990 1.0

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  2. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing Rallycross Potentially Coming Next Few Weeks

    Since dirt content came to iRacing this year fans have been clamouring to find out when the promised Rallycross content will be ready, and it seems like it could be very soon indeed.. Speaking to members of iRacing on the official forums, iRacing President Tony Gardner confirmed the team are...
  3. clemfox69

    Peugeot 208 R2 Rally skin 0.9

    This is my two first skin ! There is two version : - A version based on the 208 R2 Official livery - A "test" skin My other skins for the 208 R2 : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/peugeot-208-r2-pack-of-rally-skin.16549/...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing to Add VW Beetle GRC Later This Year

    iRacing will be adding the Volkswagen Beetle Global Rallycross Championship car to the service as free content later this year it has been confirmed. Coming alongside the yet to be released Rallycross portion of the title, the VW Beetle GRC is the second officially licenced item of rallycross...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 4 DiRT 4 Rallycross Trailer Released!

    Codemasters have created a new trailer for the upcoming DiRT 4 game, this time featuring the incredibly popular Rallycross game mode. Benefitting from the official FIA World Rallycross licence, Codemasters have built upon the original inclusion of the series from the previous DiRT Rally game...
  6. shadow118

    Citroen C4 Neste World RX of Latvia R.Nitiss 1.0

    Citroen C4 Neste World RX of Latvia This was the promo car for the first FIA WRX Event in Latvia back in 2016, held in the new Biķernieki rallycross track replaces livery_42 (red one)
  7. A

    DiRT Rally Dirt Rally Rallycross

    Hi there! I'm a big fan of Dirt rally and Rally in general but I also love the rallycross in the game. How come we are not running a rallycross league? Or just once a week a club race where we do a tournament system with rallycross races? Or maybe this is alredy done I just can't find it? Thanks!
  8. RaptorInMotion

    Volkswagen Polo GTi PSRX Livery (Rally Car Edition) - 8K 2.0

    v2.0 Update Released! (see Update tab for information) Idea Volkswagen have entered their RX Polo GTi and drivers into the WRC. Information (v2.0) Vehicle: Volkswagen Polo Rally Livery: 2017 PSRX Volkswagen World RX Team Sweden Panels: RDRC Drivers: Solberg/Patterson or...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    PC2 Rallycross With Project CARS 2 In Pictures...

    Slightly Mad Studios have released a batch of new images from the upcoming Project CARS 2 game, this time centring attention on the new for the franchise Rallycross discipline. When revealed earlier this month, many fans have been curious to see how a properly simulated loose surface...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    PC2 Project CARS 2: Rallycross, Jaguar and Some Mitsubishi's

    Take a first look at Rallycross in action on Project CARS 2, plus some nice shots of the Jaguar F-Type and several Mitsubishi's... During the development phase of Project CARS 2 Slightly Mad Studios have partnered up with the 19 times X Games medal winning team OMSE, in a technical partnership...
  11. shadow118

    Ford Fiesta WRX J.Baumanis 2017 1.2

    My first attempt at making a DiRT Rally skin. *Update 1.1 - fixed the misaligned graphics *Update 1.2 - changed main sponsor and color scheme Replaces livery_03 PS. if you liked the one with blue LOCO better, just download version 1.1 from version history.
  12. UDegani

    Peugeot 208 Rallycross Kevin Hansen 2017 1.0

    Peugeot 208 Rallycross Kevin Hansen 2017 Do not redistribute any of the textures without proper credits Donate
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT 4 DiRT 4 Game Action: Rally, Landrush and Rallycross

    To celebrate another day closer to the release of Codemasters DiRT 4 game, here is some nice footage of the Rally, Landrush and Rallycross cars in action... With a release scheduled for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 9th, PlayStation Access have made live a nice little video showing off...
  14. fakez

    PSRX Volkswagen Sweden 1.0

    To ease the painful wait for Dirt 4 to come out i have made Solberg and Kristoffersson's livery for this years PSRX Volkswagen Sweden. Have fun! http://www.psrxvw.com/
  15. db-design

    DiRT Rally Ideas for a Custom Livery Skin for Rallycross

    Hi guys! So I'm working Rallycross skin for the VW Polo in a custom Razer livery. I am wondering what other sponsors to put down... would you prefer Computer sponsors or Car parts sponsors? Thanks, Biscuit.
  16. Goozys

    Koen Pauwels / FIA Rallycross 2014 1.0

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  17. M

    VW Polo WRX 2016 Skinpack 1.0

    Skins included: #3 (Kristoffersson) #34 (Foust) #92 (Marklund) Unzip to: assettocorsa\content\cars\rl_volkswagen_polo_wrc_2015\skins Feel free to review, rate and comment. :)