race essentials

  1. G4ndY

    Infopanel++ 1.1

    New Infopanel based on the Essentials from AC. Added a frame around the speed panel to show when engine is on, added color to the tyres showing heat in colors and just not numbers, also added a Damage panel although this one is in early stages and might not work 100% accurate. Dash 1 Dash...
  2. G4ndY

    Essentials Advanced+ 1.2

    Added some more candy to the Essentials bar from AC. To much? Maybe....But i did it :p Added TC, ABS, Lights, Wipers icons that turns on when active and in use. Added flags, added track and ambient temps. The 4 LEDS around the speedcounter flashes yellow when pitspeed is active...Badly timed...
  3. G4ndY

    Essentials 1

    I was allways a fan of the overlay "Essentials" from AC, so i made one with a few tweaks for ACC. Enjoy :)
  4. RadstaR

    Assetto Corsa Data Extractor 1.3.0

    Program extracts data from cars and use it to give accurate info in the apps. Supported apps: ProTyres, Race Essentials, Sidekick a SimHub Installation: Unpack all files into your directory and run.