race canceled

  1. soares_

    "race cancelled"

    while playing shoutoko, my game crashes on pits and says "race cancelled" on singleplayer works fine but on online servers, crashes.
  2. T

    AC Startup Crash (GPU failed)

    Hey guys, yesterday I've bought the full package of Assetto Corsa on Steam. Reason for this was the incredible amount of mods e.g. SOL. Now I tried to add the Custom Shader Patch to my freshly installed game, but there is no way, that I can launch the race with any car or any track. I haven't...
  3. ecureuilbooster

    Race canceled problem help please !!

    My friend and i are renting a server on assetto corsa. I Started the server with mods i have i was able to connect. My friend keeps having «race canceled message » an other friend of our was able to connect to the server no problem. I removed 1 of the cars he had just installed to the game...