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race 07

  1. abrimaal

    ATCC - All Time Car Championship

    Work in Progress. ATCC is a new "gigamod" based on GTR Evo engine. But not only. It contains also some features from GTR2 that were unavailable in Race 07 / GTR Evo. The game is a halfway between simulation and arcade. It means that the fun of driving and racing is more important than exact...
  2. N

    Sochi Autodrom 2019-09-30

    Conversion from Gtr2... Extract in ...GameData/Location folder.
  3. M

    [Ask] Making a New Class with AnyExisting Cars (original from game and mod) for Race 07 from Scratch

    I planned to made a new class in Race 07 (like "All BMW Stars", "Eroupean Leauge" etc.[all of their name maybe is not real]) from original cars in game and mod i downloaded. After i search for how to make it in all forum on this web, i didn't find it useful and i still confused Is anybody know...
  4. abrimaal

    Race 07 Car Logos 201912

    New and updated car brand logos. Arrinera (new) Bentley (updated) FIAT (new) FSO (new) Isuzu (new) Jaguar (updated) Jeep (new) Lancia (new) Land Rover (new) Mitsubishi (new) Range Rover (new) SAAB (updated) SIMCA (new) Suzuki (updated) Tatra (new) Trabant (new) Put them into...
  5. N

    Baku City Circuit 2019-07-25

    I'm not the owner of this mod. I just did the conversion without changing the track itself. Baku City Circuit conversi on from GTR 2 / rFactor.
  6. N

    Losail GP Night 2019-07-22

    Losail 2007 - Qatar for Race 07. Created by Tantra for Gtr2. Converted to Race 07 and changed from day to night race by me.
  7. N

    Buddh International Circuit 2019-07-04

    Converted by me from GTR2 - more information in Readme.
  8. abrimaal

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 RockStars for Race 07 GTR Evo 201905

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 Based on the Super Touring Reloaded safety car model by AndreasFSC Cockpit used from Super Touring Volvo 850 Intended to start in V8 Supercars. It may require GTR Evo sounds. known bugs: Sounds not good at full speed Brakelight not perfect Interior driver invisible Cockpit...
  9. abrimaal

    Alpine A110 1600 for Race 07 / GTR Evo 201904

    Alpine A110 1600 Car model created by: Speedster63 for GTL and GTR2 converted to Race07 / GTR Evo by Carsay Uses audio of GTL Alpine A110 (if you have already installed the GTL addon, no need to install the sounds) Bonus: ATCC class menu buttons and templates. ______________ known bugs...
  10. abrimaal

    Animations for AMS Renault test track 1.0

    This small mod replaces static pictures in the track AMS Renault test track by Yves Larose https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ams-renault-test-track.73173/ with Renault related short videos. Backup the original files before overwriting. AMS.trk obj493.gmt obj495.gmt obj497.gmt...
  11. abrimaal

    GTR2 tracks for Race07 0

    GTR2 original game and addon tracks converted to Race 07 without modifications. This set contains: Anderstorp 2003 (GP + short) Blackstone GP Brno 2003 Charade 2006 Estoril 2003 Goodweek Imola 2004 Oschersleben 2004 (GP + B-Course) Valencia 2004 (GP + National + Long) Original track authors...
  12. abrimaal

    How to save AIW in 3DSimED? (track editing)

    I have modified one of existing Race07 tracks for SUV racing. I doubled the height (Z axis) and replaced the .gmt models. Now the track height is doubled and it looks good in the game. (buildings, trees and other tall objects will be excluded from the track .trk) But cars are driving above or...
  13. abrimaal

    Lada Niva for Race 07 201907

    Lada Niva for Race 07 / ATCC e-Lite A conversion of a Dirt Rally model. Converted by Carsay in 2018. Initial release. No cockpit yet, no front lights yet, no wipers yet. Uses audio files from GT Legends Austin Mini. Not included in the archive. Audio can be changed in the .inccar file. Starts...
  14. abrimaal

    Thruxton 1985 for Race 07 2019-04

    This is a texture mod giving an impression of playing a retro arcade game. The used textures come from 8- and 16-bit games and scene productions. The limit "1985" means that no games, computers and consoles produced after 1985 are advertised on the billboards, but the textures may come even from...
  15. Charles Wolf

    Additional Music for Menu 2019-02-07

    Hello, Here is some more music that will play during the menu's. I got it from GTR2, GTL and RACE 07. I also have a few extra songs in there that I thought sounded good. This Music file can be used in any of the aforementioned games. I like it in GTR2 especially because you can use it in the car...
  16. abrimaal

    Tracks in a wrong category - displayed as "Extras" after adding other tracks.

    Some tracks, when added to Race 07 change categories of other tracks. These tracks are: BATHURST2006, LagunaSeca_v12, Marrakech 2013, Oval1M, Santiago, FVRSydney, Watkins. The first one is Macau. After adding any of these tracks listed above, Macau is displayed as Extras. When I move Macau out...
  17. abrimaal

    Citroen DS 1955 for Race07 201904

    Converted from GTR2 French addon by Carsay. Full list of credits in the Readme file. 6 cars, 3 engine variants, windows and headlights variants. New paint colors and interior colors (compared to the GTR2 version) Custom numberplates not working yet. Video shows the version 201904. Track...
  18. abrimaal

    Renault 12 / Dacia 1310 for Race07 201810

    Renault 12 Gordini, Renault 12 Alpine, Dacia 1310 Sport for Race 07 series Based on the model by Speedster63 Converted to Race07 and textured by Whatson Carsay Does not require any additional parts. This car uses two ModelID and starts in two classes 24 Renault 12 RACE1976 76 25...
  19. E

    BTCC 1993 Reloaded 1.1

    BTCC 1993 Reloaded mod v1.1 by raul_ninja ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is BTCC 1993 Reloaded mod adapted for 'AL Super Touring Seasons' v2.05 for the Race07 series by AndreasFSC. I converted some...
  20. E

    CET 1994 mod 1.4

    CET 1994 mod v1.4 by raul_ninja ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is CET 1994 mod adapted for 'AL Super Touring Seasons' v2.05 for the Race07 series by AndreasFSC. I converted models from 'SuperTouring...