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    Sell Buchfink Q1R Wheel Quick Detach, 50mm & 70mm adapters

    SOLD Q1R wheel quick detach and wheel side adapters. $300 for everything plus shipping or prices each below (not including shipping.) Qty. 1 - Q1R Quick Detach ($75) Qty. 2 - 50mm adapter ($65 each) Qty. 3 - 70m adapter ($65 each)
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    Sell Fanatec Universal hub (old-style) USB converted

    For sale my Fanatec uni hub. I converted it to USB using an arduino and some software I wrote to let the 7 segment display the current gear through SimHub. I also mounted a 50mm version of the Q1R on it. I do NOT have the original fanatec QR, but I do have the ribboncable and connector...