prototype series

  1. Peugeot905

    VRC Revenga Real Name 1.0

    Just add the new name for the VRC Revenga. For Install drop the ui in your VRC Revenga Folder.
  2. cristianoid

    Imperio Endurance Brasil (only with AMS original content) 1.0

    This mod adds a new series to Automobilista using only AMS original content from the game simulating the main categories of Império Endurance Brasil. P1 - Metalmoro AJR P2 - Metalmoro MR18 P3 - MCR Sports 2000 (Brit Pack required) GT3 - Boxer Cup In the following video you can see the real...
  3. Julio Cezar Kronbauer

    VRC Prototype Series UI Real Names 1.9

    The files compressed in this package modify the Prototype Auriel 8, Bradley Project 8, ByCollin P1, Cadenza Polaris, Pavey Longhood S, Vendetta V60, Revenga R13, Tagomi TS50 and Beamer V12 mods by VRC Modding Team to show the Audi R8 LMP, Bentley Speed 8, ByKolles Racing ENSO CLM P1-01, Cadillac...