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  1. X

    XIV - Tyre pressure 1.0

    What is it ? It's a simhub overlay that displays the PSI cold to introduce in setup page, in order to reach ideal 27.5 psi hot on GT3s. It takes in consideration temperatures to define average tyre pressure at cold. It's up to yourself to adapt the asymetrism of the track (some tyre are more...
  2. XuCrUtZ

    Live Telemetry 1.6.0

    App The app show on screen real time telemetry of engine, each tire and suspension individually. The goal with this app is not to replace the Assetto Corsa built-in apps with these information, but to help developing better setups more efficiently. The app uses the mod file directly or the...
  3. Giovanni Pasolini

    Huracan ST asimmeric pressure

    Hello, I have chk secure-default setup on Huracan ST. Seems asimmetric level of tyre pressure... (SPA PaulRichard.....) Is' normal? Thanks