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  1. iG_ADVM

    Adam's Sol Enhanced | Realism Filter for Sol 2.0 4.0.2

    Sol Enhanced is now RECREATED and updated for SOL 2.0 DISCORD Feel free to join my discord server for this mod. You can receive any help you might need, post your videos and images and hopefully, in the near future, create a small community and keep growing this project together...
  2. pclipse

    pclipse Color Graded PP Filters 3.5

    **Latest filters have to be used with at least Sol 2.1 and latest version of CSP** EDIT JAN 26, 2021: Trawa weather has been removed as it was determined to be not fully functional, so unfortunately my Trawa filters are "obsolete" until further notice. Hello all, It's been a while but I've...