1. Tomasz_987

    Fantasy Performance Mod 1.0

    Hi, this is Fantasy Performance mod. I was tired with Red Bull and Mercedes winning so I mixed up grid a little bit ;p The mod will not change the UI or the in-game performance charts and has no effect on MyTeam engines. INSTALLATION: Copy&Paste Grid "Strenght" after mod: 1. Alpine...
  2. Please Stop This

    CarSpecs wip v0.8

    wip v0.8 - Unpack to AC folder under steam. reference: lt_acd ACD extractor library from XuCrUtZ (sorry i butchered it badly): https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/live-telemetry.31666/ wip v0.8, colors all over the place: -CarSpec app window has some car info -the dim green graph in the...
  3. S

    How to limit power in certain gear?

    So like the title says I'm interested in how to, if even possible to limit power in certain gears. A lot of cars do that including my S63 and even the 488 does, which is in AC. I don't really care about setting up precise torque curve for every gear (like in power.lut), but more like, limiting...

    Toyota Supra MKIV power/sound mod 1.0

    Hi, I felt like I never really found a supra that would match what you see in these internet videos (like doing a burnout at 60 Mp/h on 4th gear) and wanted to make a supra that would represent it more. Before installing the mod: -Save a copy of your original kuno's MKIV supra, as this will...
  5. T

    ECU Info v1.091

    Tired of ALT + TAB'ing to find out what each ECU map does for per car? Ever started a race on pole wondering why everyone is flying past you down the start straight, only to realise you were on a Pace Car map for 2 laps?! yes .. .I have :cautious: No more uncertainty with ECU Info overlay for...
  6. R

    PESTE NEGRA Satsuma FULL TUNED N2O+Turbo 297HP!! (by Diguera) Last 02-21-2020

    Fully upgraded engine, with N2O and turbocharger MOD Race carburators and light flywheel. Tune Specs- AFR - 13.1 (equalized) Spark angle- 11.9 Gear Ratio- 4.3 Tuned Rockershaft Valves Using Slick Tires


    Race lap from the club event 5/12/19. Lots of aero + lots of power = lots of fun!
  8. GTR233

    HOW TO INSTALL GTR2 and PnG3 in 2019 ?

    ---------------------------------------------- | HOW TO INSTALL GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH | ---------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT : ----------- - NEW CLEAN GTR2 INSTALL FROM DVD or STEAM + GTR2 HQ ANNIVERSARY PATCH (PART1+PART2) ARE FULLY WORKING ON WINDOWS...
  9. El_Uruguasho

    Tuned Satsuma for rally!!! (low cost version) 70hp 93 torque, all cars and 3250 money 1.2

    Satsuma low cost to rally. All the parts are standard, except the rear docks All the other parts of the Satsuma are in the dump All jobs ready All cars keys (hayosiko, rusko and gifu) Day saturday Hour 10AM Tip: do not drive the satsuma at night (it has no lights) Engine: Power and Torque...
  10. marcos25611

    F1 2018 Hi, I need help with my mod more power for F1 2018

    Hello everyone, last year I developed this mod for F1 2017, this mod gave more power to the engines of f1, the bad thing is that it had some other bug. But it was playable, I would like someone with more time to realize my mod for the f1 2018. Type: my lap in Austria was of 58 seconds ...
  11. K

    Satsuma Horsepower Comparison (Updated)

    This is a comparison of different Satsuma parts and how much they effect performance. The set ups are in the following order: Stock Stock+ (Steel Headers, Racing Flywheel, Racing Exhaust & Muffler) Twin Carburettor Race Carburettor To compare the horsepower and torque I'll be using Roman266's...
  12. K

    Satsuma Horsepower Comparison

    Updated thread here
  13. RasmusP

    NVIDIA powermode microstutter explained - Are you running 3D mode?

    Hey guys, and girls! Every now and then I stumble upon people with micro stutter problems or people who need to find out if their GPU or CPU are the limiting factor. A great tool to find out is "openhardwaremonitor"! You can not really find out your limiting factor by looking into the CPU. You...