1. JustMark042

    How to change tyres(data tyres not CG) position?

  2. R

    AUDI R8 EVO II Dashboard V150.0 probably lulz

    Sim Hub dashboard of AUDI R8 EVO II I've been making changes so much on this I thought someone may like it. I made it so I can turn off all of the HUD graphics. Added things I need, removed things I don't. It features the frame of the dashboard because it looks better than without it. Audi R8...
  3. G4ndY

    Essentials Advanced+ 1.2

    Added some more candy to the Essentials bar from AC. To much? Maybe....But i did it :p Added TC, ABS, Lights, Wipers icons that turns on when active and in use. Added flags, added track and ambient temps. The 4 LEDS around the speedcounter flashes yellow when pitspeed is active...Badly timed...
  4. U

    AMS 2 HUD Position Mod (VR) 1.1

    This is a very simple mod to adjust the position of the HUD in VR. It moves the HUD away from the driver to a position around dashboard level, makes it smaller so that all widgets can be easily seen, and removes the rotation so that it's "flat" instead of angled away. The result is a HUD in a...
  5. Please Stop This

    Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced 1.2

    Description: I made my own version of one of the four "Custom Shaders Patch" apps (available here: https://github.com/ac-custom-shaders-patch/acc-extension-apps). Its the debug app and atm it replaces the original in "assettocorsa\apps\python\AccExtHelper" completely, as it has the same base. To...
  6. Stefan Roess

    KML file - how to move position in Bob`s Track Builder (Deutschlandring 1939)

    Hello, I am asking on behalf of a friend who is working on the Deutschlandring 1939 for GT Legends in Bob`s Track Builder (BTB). Preview video: I have helped him to create a KML file with altitudes. He can import it to BTB. But the KML track is way above the level of the track he has already...
  7. Daniel Paez

    MCLAREN HONDA MCL32 at Monza 4K Detailed 1.0

    MCLAREN HONDA MCL32 at Monza 4K Detailed Based on my Versión 2.7 & the Espectacular Original Mod HD by @muben_is. From Great Mod 2017 SuperSeasson by PedroXIII RB Shape UPDATES: - New Position and Graphic ALO & VAN Names. - E Sign - Real Shine - Detailed Sorry for my Fatal English...