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  1. E

    Tips driving Porsche GT3 R (Challenger Pack)

    I wanted to see if anyone had tips for driving the Porsche in the recently released Challenger pack and creating a setup. The primary problem I have is the rear trying to overtake the front under braking which is tearing up the rears, especially as I test the car around Silverstone. I am fairly...
  2. CivElox

    Porsche GT3 RedOps vs. Lakers 2018-11-11

    Hi Guys, I will show you my Porsche GT3 skin it is an ficitonal Design and isnt there in real life. It was used in the RedOps GT3 Leauge 2018. you can tell me some bugs and i will fix it So I hope you enjoy it^^ _______________________________________________________ Hallo, heute will ich...