porsche 962c longtail

  1. carmar

    Porsche 962c longtail, Team Ernst Schuster, No. 63, 2k+3k+4k v1.0

    This paint is actually for a Porsche 936, but on a Porsche 962 it doesn’t look bad either. Have fun with it!!
  2. carmar

    Porsche 962c longtail, 25 cars skinpack, 2k+3k+4k v2.0

    All my skins for the Porsche 962c longtail, in one package summarized. If there are new skins and updates in the future, I will update this package. However, they will continue to appear individually. Cheers carmar Bob Akin Racing, Coca Cola, 5 (1985) Brun Motorsport, Camel, 4 (1988) Brun...