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  1. mint731

    Poland Autumn Rally - 2020 - 26 Km 1

    Próba stworzenia rajdowych odcinków na Rfactor. Na początek odcinek leśny jesienią. Miłej jazdy.
  2. Ghiaman1334

    Kubica Renault Helmet 1.0

    My first official mod! I know it's a bit late for F1 2019 mods to be relevant, but seeing as no-one made any Kubica helmets, I thought I'd bash one out! It's not too much - just a hue adjustment, removing Williams sponsors, adding Renault ones, etc. I even used the visor attachment from F1 2020...
  3. Mikis94

    Stomil-Olsztyn | Krzysztof Holowczyc Impreza #22 1.0

    Polish Rally Driver Krzysztof Holowczyc's Subaru Impreza livery "Stomil-Olsztyn Mobil 1"
  4. Goozys

    Robert Kubica, Maciej Szczepaniak / 71st Rally Poland 2014 2020-10-17

    -------------------------------- You can donate, If you like my liveries and want to support my work. My Piggy Bank will be pleased with every cent you donate.
  5. abrimaal

    Veschova 2018 discontinued

    Giallo, Carsay here. VESCHOVA 2018 This track is a re-textured Birmingham. Because the street layout resembled the ſtadt where I live, I made this mod for fun and to learn how to struggle with tracks. The project is discontinued. I gave up when I realized that so many objects don't use 1x1...
  6. cogonieznajom

    eMOŁ - new rally track (Poland) 2.0

    A new rally route, created for the needs of the virtual rally season "eMOŁ", organized by the Polish company Race Spot from Łódź. The correct diagram of the rally route is shown in the YouTube video:
  7. DiRT Rally 2.0 / FORD FIESTA R5 / Poland / KETENG 900

    DiRT Rally 2.0 / FORD FIESTA R5 / Poland / KETENG 900

    Hello~ i'm C.Park, drive an expensive car with cheap steering wheel. Chase cam : 4:01 Car Setup : 10:48
  8. walczu

    RSS 4 Verva Racing Team 1.0

    Fantasy Verva Racing Team skin for Formula RSS 4. Inspired by F3 car from Verva Street Racing.
  9. DiRT Rally 2.0 / POV / KETENG 900 / Challenge the World Record / Poland / VW Golf GTI 16V

    DiRT Rally 2.0 / POV / KETENG 900 / Challenge the World Record / Poland / VW Golf GTI 16V

    158위... 158th place...
  10. Popsu

    Motopark Koszalin 1.0

    Motopark Koszalin is a small - 1km long track located in northern part of Poland. A lot of competitions like Drift Open are still happening there as well as lot of people come there to drift for fun. Still, pretty fun track for time attack. Few buildings have bad textures that I've taken from...
  11. M

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Just thought I'd say hello! New member!

    Just got into sim-racing 2 weeks ago, and loving Dirt Rally 2.0 Also play Project Cars 2, Assetto Corso Comp, and iRacing when I feel good enough. I also fly FPV-sims (racing-drones), but the weather is getting warmer and the real quads are getting airborne soon! :D Got 5 new drones (3 quads and...
  12. RealAKP

    Tor Kielce 0.4.1

    The oldest permanent circuit in Poland (opened in 1977, just a few months before Tor Poznań) placed 10 km northwest of Kielce and it's definitely one of the most interesting ones too. Dubbed a 'Polish Nurburgring' it features a section through forest with plenty of elevation changes, it does...
  13. Ragnar Simulator

    Silesia Ring (PL) - Official Track by Ragnar Simulator 1.1.1

    We proudly present you the official version of the Silesia Ring track in Assetto Corsa (PC). The Ragnar Simulator studio is responsible for its creation. The track was created from scratch on the basis of a precise laser scan. Silesia Ring is the newest (2016) racetrack in Poland and the second...
  14. reos

    Bydgoszcz Kartodrom DRIFT 0.1

    Bydgoszcz Kartodrom created in Race Track Builder for Assetto Corsa by REOS. Based on real world location in the city of Bydgoszcz, Poland however with a twist to suit the track for big drift entries, walltaps and nice track flow. 7 PITS ENJOY!!!! :D PLS GIVE FEEDBACK !! Real World Location...
  15. Rafal303

    Ford Fiesta R5 #8 Rajd Dolnoslaski 2019-03-08

    Note: This my very first ever livery. This is fictional livery (it never exist in real life) made 100% by me using logos and pictures that I have found over the internet and they are all freeware from legal sources. This livery is also freeware. Installation: - To use this livery, you have...
  16. MikiYT

    My Summer Car - Save in the pig house 1.0

    ENG: You can download mobile phone mod :D Phone be on the table :D In Save game you have: - 488K money - Pig Car - Tuned Satsuma - Van + Truck - No smoking cigarettes - No stolen suitcase - Very much food in garage Enjoy the save! PL: Możesz pobrać moda na Telefon Mobilny :D Telefon będzie na...
  17. J

    My Summer Car Polish Mod (W tej chwili dziala tylko na wersji 23.12.2018) 0.1

    MSC POLISH MOD BETA 0.1 MOD TYLKO DZIALA W TEJ CHWILI NA WERSJI 23.12.2018 Pierwsza wersja mojego moda, dopiero beta. Jezeli masz jakis pomysl do moda lub sugestje lub jezeli znalazles/znalazlas jakis blad to daj mi znac. Jak na razie pelna lista zmian to: -Autokar zmieniony na PKS -Polskie...
  18. RealAKP

    Tracks (WIP) Tor Kielce (Poland)

    It's been already nearly a year since a team was created and project for Tor Kielce begun. What's Tor Kielce? It's the oldest permanent circuit in Poland (opened in 1977, just a few months before Tor Poznań) placed near Kielce (roughly halfway between Warsaw and Cracow) and it's definitely one...
  19. Popsu

    Tor Wyrazów 1.0

    Tor Wyrazów is a small kart track located in Poland, that was used in 2000's mostly by drifters. The track is now closed. I used some textures from Tor Poznań track mod. Check it out. Awesome work, great mod. I am not working on this track right now and i don't want it to go to waste, that's...
  20. S

    Lublin Track [Rest In Peace] 2018-01-29

    Hi I show you track with sad story now look like this and look this link http://www.spalacz.pl/ostatnie-okrazenie-na-torze-lublin but we have this track in game , I know this is not perfect but great for drift :) have fun :D