1. J

    Spawn position / Pit garage

    Hey everybody, i just wonder, if its possible to open the garages (with a 3D programm or with the CM) in the pitlane on tracks like in rFactor 2, where you can drive out of the garage. On the track "Great Wall" there is the spawn position in the pit garage so you can drive out of the pit garage.
  2. Peregrine

    Indianapolis GP Pitlane AI 0.1

    I've created a makeshift Pitlane AI for Indianapolis GP so you can now start a Race Weekend for your custom championships. I've placed the Pitlane entrance right before the pitlane wall along the straight line because you can't place it anywhere near the real location of the pitlane entrance the...
  3. ltcars

    Okayama AI-fix 2017-09-09

    Fixed the Ai weaving on the straights and stopped the Ai from possibly heading into a wall after a pitstop You can download Okayama here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/okayama-international-circuit.15846/ @Mitja Bonca If you want to use it in a future update, feel free, but please...
  4. ltcars

    Aspertsham AI 2017-08-06

    Now you can even race on this circuit! A big thanks to @Esotic for this amazing app and @THL for this amazing circuit. You can find the track here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/aspertsham-public-roads-in-bavaria.10806/
  5. ltcars

    Toscana AI 2017-04-24

    The AI-line is far from being finished, for example the cars stop in the middle of the tunnel. The cars are not going the fastest way, maybe I can change that in the future. Just put the folder in the tracks folder. Note: I can't change the stopping of the cars yet with my knowledge, if you know...