1. StrongestFish

    F1 2018 Chaos mode 2019-02-24

    Mod changes: -New damage settings: bigger than "Realistic" but less than "Extreme". Adapted for ~10 DNF in 5-lap races. AI just crash each other! -Bigger slipstream(Decreased dirty air) for more fight and easier overtakes. -Bonus(optional): tyre wear X15 for 2 pit-stops per 5 laps for more...
  2. StrongestFish

    More pit-stops for AI and player at any race distance including 5 laps 2.6

    (english is not my native language) This mod add more pit-stops to AI and player(including 5 lap races) and more strategical fight. Included options: Tyre wear multiplied x2.5, x3, x3.5, x4, x5, x6, x7 from normal(for 25-100% races), x8, x9, x10, x11, x12 for 5-lap races(modern cars) and x5...